Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Honduran update: negotiations at key point

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Negotiations between the coup government and President
Zelaya's delegation have advanced on "90 %" of
the issues with the main pending point being the
return of the President Zelaya to power. (source: Telesur)

It's important to note that the representative of the
civil society organizations in resistance who was part
of President Zelaya's negotiating delegation, stepped
down from his place at the table because of a negotiated
agreement between the coup government and Zelaya's
team to NOT hold a Constitutional Assembly.

Still, the Frente's representative Juan Barahona said that the fact that Zelya signs
the agreement not to reform the Constitution will not cause the Frente to withdraw
its support for President Zelaya.

"We do not agree with the decision about the constitutional assembly, but the Resistance Front will continue.... Even if Zelaya returns to office, we will not renounce our fight for the constitutional assembly."

("No estamos de acuerdo, pero vamos a respetar la decisión de la renuncia (de Zelaya) a la constituyente, pero el frente de resistencia continuará (...) aún si Zelaya vuelve al poder no vamos a renunciar a la constituyente", aseveró el líder social)

If you speak Spanish, one of the best sources for updated
news on the situation is Telesur:

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