Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Reporting for DN! from inside the Brazilian Embassy in Tegucigalpa

Democracy Now! will have a segment on Honduras on Tuesday morning with Dr. Luther Castillo who is part of the Frente contra el golpe, and myself who will report from inside the Brazillian embassy, where I have been since Monday, Sep. 21.

Please tune in ... and spread the word...www.democracynow.org.

Also, for Spanish speakers/readers... we have an entire page dedicated to the crisis in Honduras:

Amy Goodman's last column deals with Honduras:

If you know of press who want commentary from inside the embassy, please point them in my direction.

I have been swamped with dozens of interviews, and it's not always easy to get through, but keep trying.
Have been meaning to blog from inside the embassy, and hope to send out that info tomorrow.

BLOG ENTRY: A few hours ago, the CNN in English crew was really upset.. It took them 4 days to get the ok for an interview from the Micheletti regime, and then they arrive unannounced to the gates of the embassy. Mel could not speak with them at that hour of the evening, and they went away miffed. If they come back tomorrow, Mel will give the interview... but they said they would not come back. I wonder if they would expect President Obama to give them an interview if they arrived unannounced to the steps of the White House.



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