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April 12 talk by Bob St. Peter - "Local Food in a Global Context

PICA's Comida Justa y Local/Fair and Local Food Committee presents

a talk by
Bob St. Peter
Director, Good Life Center
Thursday, April 12
7:00 P.M.
Peace and Justice Center of Eastern Maine
170 Park St., Bangor

Bob St. Peter is a third generation Mainer from Caribou with a passion for promoting and creating just, sustainable, and self-governing communities. He currently serves as Director of the Good Life Center, which works to "perpetuate the philosophies and lifeways promoted and exemplified by Helen and Scott Nearing, two of America's most inspirational practitioners of simple, frugal and purposeful living." In Spring 2005, Bob founded the Independent Food Project (IFP) to promote community food security and to raise awareness about the negative social, economic, and ecological effects of our industrialized food system. IFP has recently merged with GE Free Maine to become the umbrella group Food for Maine's Future, where Bob serves as a board member and the volunteer Food Independence Campaign Coordinator. He is currently working with the Protect Maine Farmer's campaign, a project of Food for Maine's Future, to pass legislation in Maine that will protect all farmers from negative impacts of GMO contamination.

In addition to his commitment to preserving traditional farming in Maine, Bob has also worked on food, poverty, and rural sustainability issues internationally as the development director for Sustainable Harvest International. Bob serves on the advisory board of the Maine Marijuana Policy Initiative and is an advocate for ending the prohibition of marijuana and hemp as a matter of civil and human rights. He is a freelance writer, subsistence farmer, popular educator, and a devoted husband and father. Much like Scott Nearing, Bob has chosen a
simpler life devoted to work with head and hands as a way of limiting his involvement in the current economy. He views this lifestyle as one way to work towards creating change in a world rife with exploitation and over-consumption.

His talk will be the first in a monthly series of educational events organized by PICA's Comida Justa y Local/ Fair and Local Food Committee. The committee is organizing a campaign to connect farmers and farmworkers with consumers, building an alliance to work together for a world in which everyone has enough to eat, those who produce our food are paid and treated fairly, food is grown and processed in ways that are healthy for our bodies and the land, and that sustain rural communities.

Building on twenty years of experience building connections between people working for justice in Maine and El Salvador, PICA is dedicated to building solidarity across geographic and cultural borders in the struggle to create just, democratic, and sustainable communities.

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