Wednesday, March 21, 2007

This weekend's UM-Farmington Water Commons Symposium postposed

This weekend's conference, "Who Owns Maine's Water? A Symposium on Water Commons," scheduled to be held March 24 at UM Farmington, has been postponed until later in the spring, due to the cancellation of 2 of the keynote speakers.

According to symposium organizer Kate Harris:

"Two of our keynote speakers have had to suddenly cancel, so we've decided to postpone this Saturday's Water Commons Symposium until mid-June. First Claudia Torrelli received news that her grandmother had taken seriously ill in Uruguay, so she's returned home, but we were going to go on without her. Then we learned that Maude Barlow was mugged this past weekend in Brussels and had all her personal effects, including her passport, birth certificate and driver's license, stolen. It took great effort for her to get home to Canada, and now she can't fly into Maine from Canada (passport required) until she replaces her passport (6-8 weeks from when she replaces her birth certificate), and it was pretty much impossible for her to get here from Ottawa without a driver's license. Plus, she's quite understandably shaken."

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