Thursday, March 19, 2009

Victoria FMLN: Un video sobre el dia historico de las elecciones salvadoreñas/Video of El Salvador's historic election day

From Jess Freeston

---English below---

Al momento que envio este corréo, el video está en la portada del sitio de web, Se trata del dia historico, el 15 de marzo. (disculpeme porque hay partes que son solamente en inglés)

Despues se poderá encontrar acá:

Aunque dura 12 minutos, no pudé incluir todo los hechos que queria.

Sin embargo, espero que le guste a usted.

Saludos grandotes.



The video I put together from election day in El Salvador is up the front page of right now.

After a few days, you can find it here:

Even at 12 minutes long I wasn't able to include all the information I wanted to, so it lacks in historical context. Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy. I know it was one of the most amazing days I've ever experienced and I can only hope that the video communicates half of that.

All the best from El Salvador.


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