Friday, May 09, 2008

Suchitoto 14 defendent assassinated!

On Friday May 2nd, Hector Antonio Ventura was assassinated in the community of Valle Verde, Suchitoto. Ventura was the youngest of the 14 political prisoners captured in Suchitoto on July 2nd, 2007.

According to preliminary reports, Ventura was stabbed to death. Another victim, who was with Ventura, was attacked but survived. Reports say that the assailants were at least two men, who entered the back room of the house where Ventura and his friend slept and attacked them. Because Ventura was a recently freed political prisoner and because the attack was not a random incident but demonstrated prior planning, the murder suggests political motives. Ventura's murder is one of a number of assassinations of political opposition leaders and activists in El Salvador in the last few years.

Ventura was killed days after having agreed to speak at the Day Against Impunity, an event planned to take place this coming July 2nd in Suchitoto, on the anniversary of last year's capture of the Suchitoto 14 by police. You can read more about Ventura's murder here.

PICA is participating in emergency meetings of the US-El Salvador Sister Cities network to plan a North American response to this tragic crime. You will hearing from us soon with actions you can take to support the ongoing struggle for human rights in El Salvador.

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