Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Stop the Oman and Peru Trade Agreements


The Bush Administration & big business is once again pushing for more NAFTA style trade agreements. This time they are trying to pass the Oman trade agreement & the Peru trade agreement. These will result in outsourced jobs & more sweatshops; an attack on environmental standards and democracy; and further privatization.

Luckily we can defeat these bad deals. If we raise enough pressure Congress will not bring these agreements up for a vote in an election year. WE NEED YOU TO CALL SENATORS SNOWE & COLLINS TODAY TO URGE THEM TO VOTE NO on the Oman and the Peru free trade agreements.

TAKE ACTION: Please call Senator Snowe & Senator Collins today or anytime this week. Their numbers and a simple message is below.
*Call Senator Snowe: Toll free: 800-432-1599 DC: 202-224-5344
*Call Senator Collins: DC: 202-224-2523 Bangor: 945-0417

BASIC MESSAGE: Please oppose the Oman & Peru trade agreements and work to support a new model of trade policy.

Please take this simple action. As we saw in the CAFTA fight, it makes a real difference when we all work together. If we can stop the Oman & Peru trade agreements we give ourselves a lot of momentum heading into 2007 when Congress will debate the future of our trade policy. Congressman Michaud and Allen both oppose these trade deals.

For more information about the Oman & Peru trade agreements: or

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